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Bradenton Mechanic aims to earn your trust and build stead-fast relationship with you and your cars. We don’t measure our success in the number of cars repaired, but in the number of happy and satisfied customers having. Whenever you car troubles, we promise to reduce the stress with honest care, attention, and professionalism. You can have a sneak peek at some of our happy customers’ feedback which we are proud to have.

Justine Demaio - Auto Repair Testimonial
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Justine DeMaio

I am so impressed by the wonderful service and honesty. I was given an accurate and fair estimate for the services provided. I am so relieved to find such a knowledgeable place which is able to service my Range Rover Sport!

Chase Nickells - Auto Repair Testimonial
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Chase Nickells

Ashly is one of the best mechanics I’ve ever come in contact with. I was on a road trip and had my check engine light come on, Toyota dealership told me I needed oil pressure sensor (which was leaking lots of oil). Ashly quoted me at half the price of the dealership and upon inspection, found a small crack on my oil filter housing. Fearing I’d need to spend a couple thousands on a whole engine repair job, he had an alternative solution and used a chemical bonding metal glue that sealed the leak right up. Instead of at least a few hundred, if not a few thousand dollars in repairs, Ashly fixed the real problem for less than $100 and in about an hour. Very easy going, straightforward and honest. Thank you so much!!

Nancy A - Auto Repair Testimonial
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Nancy A

Ashly is awesome. We were in the Sarasota area and needed to get our car checked out before we hit the road for a long drive. Our check engine light was on (which he identified and took care of in no time), and I also wanted to have a general check up to make sure everything was alright. Ashly was able to take us in on short notice. He knows his stuff and seems like a very honest guy.. can’t stand shady rip-you-off mechanics, and that’s not what you get here! Very considerate, caring, and easy to talk to. Thanks Ashly!!

Lisa LaTorre - Auto Repair Testimonial
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Lisa LaTorre

Awesome! I’m always worried about getting taken advantage of when I bring my car in to a mechanic. He was honest, fixed my problem in half the time I thought it would take, and very affordable. I will only bring my car here in the future. Highly recommend!

Meg G - Auto Repair Testimonial
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Meg G

The ONLY honest mechanic in the Sarasota area! You will not meet a more hard-working, honest, sincere, and patient mechanic. Our car is in the best hands. From routine maintenance to super complex repairs, Ashly has time and time again gone above and beyond to ensure our van runs smoothly and safely to transport our young children. Ashly is quick and efficient, while meticulously explaining what is wrong with the car and the best way to fix it. He will never take advantage of you and he will not quote you for unnecessary parts. As busy as he is, Ashly has on a number of occasions squeezed me in to change the oil or check why I have a “check engine” light. He is quick to respond to messages and easy to reach. Whether you have a domestic or a foreign car, a luxury or a pick-up truck, your vehicle will NEVER be in better hands than at Sarasota Mechanic. Ashly takes pride in his work and it reflects in everything he does—his shop is spotless, void of grease or dirt. I highly recommend Sarasota Mechanic as your only place to entrust your car. Ashly, thank you so much for always going the extra mile; you are the only person we trust with our car!